Saturday, June 12, 2010

'A Knife and a Fork and a Bottle and a Cork" Children's book finally here:)

Titled "A Knife and a Fork and a Bottle and a Cork."

This Children's Book written by Howard Schrager..Illustrations by Sarah Madsen.

Howard has written an educational children's book using Riddle Rhymes to let u guess the 50 States.

This is a Trilogy. BTW Book 2 is nearly done ready to go to press (based upon Cities.)

Amazing to get it back in a physical book sense, this for me was an wonderful opportunity to work with Howard and his ideas on these Riddle Rhymes. Took me a while to get an idea of what kind of "style" to develop for these Riddles. (now think I've got it ::)))
Book 2 is called "Chicken in the Car and the Car Can't Go"
 If you'd like to order this first book, let me know Priced $12.95. can be through my paypal account.

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