Sunday, July 5, 2009

Silver scrap into something:)

Ring and Pendant from silver scraps. Little bit limited due to torch size and other equipment. Been a long while since I've done any metalwork or soldering. Funny because that's all I did for 3 years straight ( degree). I really did feel clumsy to begin with, especially soldering...this was so automatic to me at one time. Hey it's all riding a bike:) And I managed to solder the thinnest, tiniest piece with out unsoldering and melting other parts at the same time. ( Without any "Rouge" or protection stuff for those vulnerable parts. YES!!!!!!:) It was a make or break point in the project so that is a definate happy YESS! Dance round the room type of YES:)
* should mention this is how Silver looks before finishing ...filing and polishing.

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