Friday, June 19, 2009

Always Ideas going on..

I started this idea a while ago about self publishing a small book on my efforts as an artist between being a Mama to 4 kidlets. Almost impossible!

I really early on in my "career" as a Mama had difficulty realising that the time I had, had to be channelled towards the children and not my own arty passion. Visions of being an fine art oil painter or one of a kind precious jeweller had to take a back seat for now. So the children's world opened up to me with the amazing talents of children's illustrators...could I do that? I ended up trying with the first book " The Dragon's Gift." written by Tom Allen.

So where am I now...developing more illustrations for another self -publisher. We'll see.

But yes I miss jewellery & enamelling.It's not to say I can't do it now. But finances & time are the culprits. ( may'be I don't manage my time efficiently...quite honestly do I need to be perfect?..I can't. :)
Funny I haven't looked at this cover Idea for a while ..and I want to change things!

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